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Zoe’s short story It Never Rains... is a story about a mother coming to hilarious terms after hearing her son is ditching her for another woman.

The Busker

One of my favorite memories of living in New York and London is experiencing the magic of the buskers. Buskers, as they are known in the UK, are those brave souls who perform for hours and hours in the city's subway system in the hope of earning a buck or two from people walking by. If time permitted, I would stop for a few moments to enjoy their melodious sounds. Even when plans prevented me from stopping to fully appreciate their music, I always rifled in my pockets to find a single or two to throw into their hat.

By the time I was ensconced in the subway car, with my memory of their music already fading, I’d have the passing thought about their motivations. What made them perform for people who, for the most part, ignored them? Why did they put themselves out there day after day? There had to be better ways to make a living. The return on their investment of time was probably dismal, so why do it at all?

An epiphany recently hit me while I was sneaking in an hour to write a page or two of my latest short story. Sure, the buskers are there to earn a dime, but what compels them to go underground each day and set up their impromptu stage to perform to a largely unappreciative audience? It is because they have no choice. Making music is as necessary to their existence as breathing; it literally lifts their souls!

In the same way music is in a busker’s blood, the need to write is in mine. For years I’d write and squirrel away my work in fear of it being deemed silly, or worse. But no more! It’s time to put myself out there as a busking blogger, short-story writer and yes, even a novelist-in-progress. It’s my way of finding my joy and hopefully making a few bucks while I’m at it.


Whether you enjoy reading or writing, or both, I humbly offer my short stories for your entertainment. In return I ask you to throw a single into my hat. If you choose not to, I understand, but I hope eventually your curiosity will be sufficiently piqued by my intros that you’ll try one of my stories on for size. You never know, it might stimulate your mind, or your emotions or, if I’ve done a good enough job, both. Feel free to explore my site, and respond to my blog posts if the mood takes you. I love feedback, good or bad, although good is always better!

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