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Zoe Wright

I’ve always been in love with words. Reading and writing have allowed me to escape some of the most painful, boring and stressful moments of my life, even if just for a moment. By the time I got to university to study English literature I was like a kid in a candy store. I gorged on classical literature of the ages. 


Chaucer became a favorite, in large part because he wrote some pretty risqué prose six hundred years ago; The Wife of Bath's Tale even had me blushing! I learned that Shakespeare really does deserve the reverence society has bestowed upon him, even if his brand was a cooperative effort, and poets like Langston Hughes were windows to the soul of black urbanites who were discovering that their voices did indeed deserve to be heard.

I love comedy in general, especially when it’s satiric. My favorite author is the bon-mot queen herself, Dorothy Parker, who was a successful, self-sufficient writer at a time when women had only just earned the right to vote.

What else about me? I have a costly addiction to Starbucks. Our family communicates using movie lines. I have a puppy called Mrs. Dorothy Barker, although we call her Dottie because Mrs. Barker’s a mouthful. I lived in London and New York while I was in school, but feel most attached to Paris. Perhaps it's because I love the Lost Generation writers? If I win the lottery tomorrow, you can find me there, sipping a cafe au lait at an outdoor cafe on the Champs Elysees.


These days I live in Florida. I’m not sure it is a good idea because everything that’s weird in the world seems to happen here. I have grown kids. Over the years I’ve had moments when I loathed them, but I’ve always loved them. Of course, my grandkids can do absolutely anything and get away with it; I see it as payback for everything my kids made me endure during their teenage years.

I want to be everyman, or at least attempt to be, through my prose. I like to change up my writing genre. I love short story writing, but there is a novel on my desk about a third of the way complete. It may never get finished, which will be a shame. Most importantly my calling is to write regardless of who’s there to read it, but it will be better for us both if you do!

Come back and visit regularly, and feel free to leave me feedback whenever you’re in the mood,

à bientôt!



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