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Get Your Writing Goins…

Forgive the horrible pun. I just couldn’t help myself! Seriously though, I want to share a resource I recently discovered on the Interweb.

As mentioned in a previous post, when I started my blog, I discovered there are hundreds of “best-selling” authors out there who promise to divulge their methods for success at a price. Being eager to learn the tricks of the trade, I signed up to follow several of them; one or more of whom immediately sold my email address, because my inbox has since been deluged with spam!

Some of these writers lead you down the rabbit hole. Some even sell author-themed clothing and jewelry when all else fails (I kid you not). But, a few really seem to have their finger on the pulse. I like The Positive Writer, Bryan Hutchinson’s blog. I’ve even included him on my Peeps page. (I get that my opinion might not be an impressive endorsement yet, but I can assure you people only earn a placement there if I feel they really deserve it!)

I also like Jeff Goins, whose blog was voted one of the 100 best websites for authors in 2016 by The Write Life. His blogs, podcasts and newsletters provide useful tips and tricks for the aspiring writer. He keeps his advice broad enough to be of value to authors, bloggers and other creative-types, and will almost certainly share something that is of value to anyone looking to build a brand, market a book, or just in need of some inspiration to get them back on track.

I've also sat in on a couple of his webinars, and came away with tips and tricks I could immediately put into practice. The information listed on his writing resources page has tremendous value to anyone feeling a tad overwhelmed with the business side of the writing business. Like most, he has books, courses and consulting services to sell, but there’s never any pressure to buy. He doesn’t even have an e-store on his website. He also offers great free advice and giveaways once you’ve joined his “tribe.” I’ve just signed up for his free 12-week email course Intentional Blogging, which I’m excited to start, and have already downloaded several free resources Jeff designed.

I’ve never met Jeff, but there is something about him I find sincere. He doesn’t shie away from the fact he’s a professional writer, and makes money giving writing and marketing advice, but he seems to have a passion for helping the creative community too.

I hope you find some snippet of wisdom while perusing his site. Have you found anyone cool that seems to be putting it out there? Please do share in the comments section below!

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